It’s all Fine and Danjee

Episode 74: Taking it to the top, with Special Guest: Carlos Navarro!

August 12, 2020

We're taking it to the top this week with Actor / Comedian / Radio Host, Carlos Navarro! Carlos tells us all about his experiences acting (including roles on The Walking Dead, The Outsider, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more...). Also, his positive mindset and over outlook are life are contagious! 

-Carlos Navarro Website

-Carlos Navarro on Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

-Carlos Navarro YouTube Channel

-Top The Top Podcast

-104.1 Monsters on Real Radio

-Mind Hacking Book

-Mustard Seed of Central FL (Charity Organization)

-Florida Guardian Ad Litem

-Victim Service Center

-Red Dead Redemption 2 video game

-The Outsider (HBO Series)

-The Walking Dead (AMC Series)

-Identity Thief (movie)