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Episode 124: Game Corner! Special Guest: Mark Castrogiovanni!

Did you know that there’s a local game store here in the Apopka/Altamonte area that blows away the prices (in-store and trade-in) of the chain stores? Join us, as we talk with Mark Castrogiovanni from Game Corner in Longwood (and in Renniger’s flea market in Mt. Dora). They have all the classic games, consoles, movies… and the new stuff too! Oh, and their customer service is second to none.

Game Corner Address: 2551 W SR 434 #104 Longwood, FL 32779

Game Corner of Facebook

Game Corner Phone: (407) 636-7551

Renniger's Flea Market:

Episode 123: Rinat Halon Photography Communication. Special Guest: Rinat Halon Neal!

This week, we had the privilege of meeting with local award winning craftsman certified photographer, creative director, author, speaker and coach: Rinat Halon Neal. Rinat tells us how she got started in her profession and how she continues to be successful after 25 years as a photographer. Her journey is captivating and inspiring…and her photos are amazing! 


Rinat Halon Photography Communication-Website

Rinat Halon Photography Communication-Facebook

Rinat Halon Photography Communication-Linked in

Rinat Halon Photography Communication-Instagram

Rinat Halon Neal The Mindful Photographer-YouTube

Contact Rinat Halon Neal/Call or Text


Episode 122: Gold Star Confectioneries! Special Guests: David Potter and Terri Antonio.

There's cheesecake and then there's really good cheesecake. Gold Star Confectionaries is a local, boutique-style confectionery that makes REALLY good cheesecake. (At the time of this posting, Dan is hoarding their lemon-raspberry cheesecake in the refrigerator). 



Gold Star Confectioneries-Facebook

Gold Star Confectioneries-Instagram

Vixen by Fox Lab

Episode 121: The Rescue Company 1. Special Guests: Carlos Tavarez and Trisha Rhea!

Have you ever wondered where you can get trained to jump out of helicopters and rescue people? How about training to survive a helicopter crash in the water? The Rescue Company 1 does that and so much more! Carlos Tavarez, a life long nurse, fireman and a first responder paramedic at the Pulse shooting in Orlando is joined by his wife Trisha Rhea, also an ER nurse. We discuss their company, how they got into the business of saving lives, and more. Check it out!


Website: The Rescue Company 1

Facebook: The Rescue Company 1

Instagram: The Rescue Company 1

YouTube: The Rescue Company 1

As the Rotor Turns-Podcast

Call The Rescue Company 1

ECHO Public Safety Aviation

Episode 120: Propagate Social House. Special Guests: Jay and Ella!

This week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Ella & Jay (2 of the 4 owners) of the newest hot-spot in Apopka called Propagate Social House! They have coffee! They have wine! They have food! They have plants! They have live entertainment! They have chickens….wait, what????


Propagate Social House-Website

Propagate Social House-Instagram

Propagate Social House-Facebook


Phat Ash Bakes


Belanger Bagels


Episode 119: Rise Up Woman Foundation. Special Guest: Patricio Solano!

This week, we get real with the man who wears many hats, Patricio Solano! Patricio is the Communications Director/Community Director for the Rise up Woman Foundation. He also hosts his own podcast, With A Side of Chaos. He also… well, listen in and find out.

Rise Up Woman Foundation

Legal aid -free legal assistance

With A Side Of Chaos Podcast


Episode 118: Revenge of the KitchenKillaz! Special Guests: Billy Floyd and The Commodore!

The KitchenKillaz return to tell us all about their new album! Also, we tapped in to the Bartesian (home cocktail kit). Always a great time when the KitchenKillaz are around. 


KitchenKillaz website:


KitchenKillaz Patreon



Episode 117: Let’s get REAL!

The show is evolving! 

While we are still meeting with creators, small businesses and charities, we’ll also be bringing on all kinds of other interesting people - from all walks of life. 

We’re also getting REAL! 
While we’ve always been about being authentic, it’s time to cut loose a bit more. So…

Warning: Depending on your parenting, the show might not be suitable for little ears. 
(Topics and/or language will get more adult oriented, sometimes) 

At the end of the day, it’s still All Fine And Danjee! 

Wekiva island


Gallery CERO (at Wekiva Island)


Bartesian (premium cocktail maker)


Atlantic Alibi (band)


Propogate Social House (coffee shop in Apopka. FL)

Episode 116: Local Central Florida Events for July 2021!

Anjee is pet-sitting, so no guest this week. Instead, we've come up with a full list of awesome happenings in Central Florida this month! Shop local (and check it out!).




Gallery CERO at Wekiva Island


Coffee Shop of Horrors-Jonesy’s Escape


Epcot Food & Wine Festival 2021


Gourmet Charcuterie Class


Weekends at the Winery


Bite 30-Orlando


Yalaha Bakery


Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive Audio tour


Couples Cooking-Thai Style


Adults-Only Sunset at the Zoo


Lies That Bind by Daniel Fox-Audible Book

Episode 115: Joe Grows / Beard Oil! Special Guest: Joey Meany

This week, we chat with the owner/founder of a BRAND NEW small business! Joey Meany recently started JOE GROWS (Beard oil), and he tells us all about it! Look for JOE GROWS beard oil in high-end barber shops and boutique stores (or get it directly from Joey Meany - link below). 


Joe Grows - Facebook


Joe Grows - Instagram


Joe Grows - TikTok


DeMoss House of Cuts


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