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Episode 79: Tornatore’s Cafe & Pizzeria! Special Guest, Denny Tornatore!

This week, we sat down with the owner of our favorite Italian restaurant, Denny Tornatore! Learn all about how this amazing place got started, and quickly became one of the best resturants in town! Featured on the Food Network (several times), there's nothing quite like this truly authentic scratch kitchen! 

-Tornatore's Website

-Tornatore's Facebook

-Tornatore's Instagram (check out these dishes!)

-Entree The Giant's Instagram (Tornatore's chef)

-Massimo's Artisan Pasta

-Tornatore's on Food TV's Restaurant Impossible

-Things To Know About Scratch Kitchens

-Kitchen Killaz

Episode 78: Silly YaYa Returns! Special Guest: Violet Favero!

We finally got to meet with children's book author, Violet Favero - again! (virtually)... Learn all about Violet's books, her passion for family, heritage and inspiring all kids to read! Also, she is a huge advocate for Ovarian Cancer Awareness! 

-Silly Yaya Website

-Silly Yaya Facebook

-Silly Yaya Instagram

-Silly Yaya Twitter

-YiaYia's Market

-The National Herald

-Chrissy Schram Design

-Learn Your Ancestry

-Ellis Island-Find Your Story

-National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

-Charity Watch

-Daniel Fox (Author)

Episode 77: Wynn Styles Boutique! Special Guest: Shonta Garner!

This week, we meet Shonta Garner! She's the owner of local boutique, Wynn Styles! Listen to her inspiring story of how she followed her dreams and opened her own clothing store! Her mix of hard work, determination, instinct and business acumen have led to her highly successful boutique - right here in Apopka! Also, we tried New York Pizza Baby! So good! 

-Wynn Styles Website

-Wynn Styles Facebook

-Wynn Styles Instagram

-Wynn Styles Twitter

-Devyni Styles-Style Influencer

-Glamour with Gina-Style Influencer

-African American Chamber of Commerce

-Juneteenth Scavenger Hunt

-Ivy Bridal Shop

-NY Pizza Baby-Apopka

Episode 76: Podcast Down The River!

This week, we recorded the show while kayaking down the Wekiva River! Tune in to find out all about this river, the surrounding wildlife reserve, local camping, Wekiva Island, and other local businesses. Also, we came face-to-face with a buck! (deer)

-Kings Landing Canoe and Kayak rental

-Rock Springs (Kelly Park)

-Wekiwa Springs State Park

-Rock Springs Run

-Wekiva Island

-Wekiva Island owners on Fine and Danjee

-Without A Paddle Cafe

Episode 75: Non-Stop Summer!

This week, we take a breather and recap all the (good) craziness we have going on! Also, we are SO close to officially looking for a new rescue dog! 

-Carlos Navarro Website

-Carlos Navarro on Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

-Carlos Navarro YouTube Channel

-To The Top Podcast

-Episode #15 with Jeremy Fox

-Episode #72 with O-Town Compost

-Episode #46 with Camp Gladiator

-Kitchen Killaz Facebook

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Apopka High School Alumni Association

-Something Inappropriate Podcast

-Wynn Styles Boutique

Episode 74: Taking it to the top, with Special Guest: Carlos Navarro!

We're taking it to the top this week with Actor / Comedian / Radio Host, Carlos Navarro! Carlos tells us all about his experiences acting (including roles on The Walking Dead, The Outsider, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more...). Also, his positive mindset and over outlook are life are contagious! 

-Carlos Navarro Website

-Carlos Navarro on Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

-Carlos Navarro YouTube Channel

-Top The Top Podcast

-104.1 Monsters on Real Radio

-Mind Hacking Book

-Mustard Seed of Central FL (Charity Organization)

-Florida Guardian Ad Litem

-Victim Service Center

-Red Dead Redemption 2 video game

-The Outsider (HBO Series)

-The Walking Dead (AMC Series)

-Identity Thief (movie)

Episode 73: Thank YOU!

This week, we want to send out a huge THANK YOU to all of our previous guests! Each of you have been educational, inspiring, motivating and all-around awesome! We have sincerely had such a great time with each and every one of you! We appreciate you joining us on the podcast - and for your ongoing support as we continue our podcast journey. Also, Anjee's outtakes are hilarious. 

-Steve Altier-Young Adult Fiction Author 


-Embellish FX

-Episode 32: Halloween & Hops

-Kitchen Killaz

-King Grove Organic Farm

-Sideways Farm & Brewery

-Episode 45: Karen Smith

-Tornatore’s Italian Restaurant

-The Asher House

-Juniper Springs

-Our Juniper Kayaking Video (most recent trip)

-Raised by Wolves-Trailer

Episode 72: O-Town Compost! Special Guest: Charlie Pioli!

It only takes one person to make a change, and that's just what Charlie Pioli (the founder of O-Town Compost here in Orlando) is doing! Join us, as we learn all about how O-Town Compost provides sustainable options for food waste, while also providing citizens with rich compost for gardening (all while moving Orlando closer to its Zero-Waste Goal). Also, we got to tour their main site! 



Episode 71: KitchenKillaz Return! Special Guests: Billy Floyd and The Commodore!

Return of the KitchenKillaz! This week, we got to chat with the very talented touring acoustic duo, Kitchen Killaz. Listen in to see what Billy Floyd & The Commodore have been doing to ‘only get better’ during our ‘new normal’ and chat about some amazing things happening for them this year. Also, we talk about where you can join us & the Kitchen Killaz this upcoming weekend for an important fundraising event. #helpmorepeople #walkthetalk


-Kitchen Killaz Website

-Kitchen Killaz Facebook

-Kitchen Killaz Instagram

-Kitchen Killlaz Twitter

-Hangin' With Web Show

-HWWS Indie Music Spotlight

-Best of Orlando-Orlando Weekly

-Barn Raiser for Evangeline

-GoFundMe for Evangeline

-Shabby Jo's

-The Old Red Barn of Geneva

-Somewhere Waffle Food Truck

Episode 70: Goddess Faces! Special Guest: Mrz. Jaye!

This week, we met with the amazing and talented Mrz. Jaye! She's the founder and owner of Goddess Faces (Makeup Studio and SkinCare Spa). Learn about how she decided to chase, and catch her dreams! Having now been featured on Bravo, VH1 and BET (among others), her inspiring success story is far from over. Also, Dan forgot the catchphrase? 

-Goddess Faces Website

-Goddess Faces Facebook

-Goddess Faces Instagram

-Women on the Rise Orlando

-Beauty Defined (book by Mrz. Jaye)

-Barn Raiser for Evangeline

-GoFundMe for Evangeline

-Shabby Jo's

-The Old Red Barn of Geneva

-Kitchen Killaz 

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