It’s all Fine and Danjee

Episode 54: Dorksville Farms! Special Guest, Vanessa Smith!

It's time to talk about mushrooms! We took a road trip out to Dorksville Farm to meet with Vanessa Smith, and learn all about the amazing process of farming mushrooms! We brought some home too! Also, This-n-That was live on Facebook! 

-Dorksville Farm Facebook

-Dorksville Farm Etsy

-What The Fungus

-Annual Mushroom Festival (Palatka, FL)

-Benefits of Hugelkultur

-Joe Rogan Experience w/Paul Stamets

-Health Benefits of Mushrooms

-Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Fitlife Foods

-Wild Hare Kitchen and Garden Emporium

-Hangin with Web Show

-Fungi Perfecti

Episode 53: Pasture Brothers! Special Guests, Evan Kiggen and Norm Morton!

Check the chickens out! We went down to the Pasture Brothers farm, and learned all about the importance of working in sync with the land (and how they are applying that belief to their pasture raised poultry). Also, Anjee cannot say "regenerative". 

-Pasture Brothers Website

-Pasture Brothers Facebook

-Pasture Brothers Instagram

-Hickling Feed

-American Pastured Poultry Producers Association

-Pastured Life Farm

-Fox Valley Farm and Hopyard Instagram

-King Grove Organic Farm

-The Magic Pill Documentary Trailer

-Revival Chiropractic

-Coffee Shop of Horrors Facebook

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Regenerative Farming in your own backyard

-Daniel Fox Books

Episode 52: Hutchinson Farm Winery! Special Guests, John and Sherry Hutchinson!

We recently made a trip out to Apopka's best kept secret, Hutchinson Farm Winery! John and Sherry Hutchinson sit down with us, and tell the journey of how they ended up owning and running their very own winery (and how it has become such a hit). Also, Anjee is recovering from surgery.

-Hutchinson Farm Winery

-Hutchinson Farm Instagram

-Try Florida Wine

-Muscadines, The Best Grapes Ever

-Florida Wine Growers Association

-Harvest Hosts

-Jonesy's Escape by Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Apopka Art & Foliage Festival


Episode 51: King Grove Organic Blueberry Farm! Special Guests, Hugh and Lisa Kent!

There's organic, then there's REAL organic! Do you know the difference? After chatting with Hugh and Lisa Kent (from King Grove Organic Farm) we do! Also, join us for Facebook live tonight! (03-05-2020)

-King Grove Organic Farm

-Real Organic Project

-Lake May Reserve

-'Soil Your Undies' Test

-Does Soil Contribute to the Human Gut Biome?

-Soil Testing

-The Outsider-New HBO Series

-Carlos Navarro

-Wekiva Island

-Jonesy's Escape by Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Apopka Art & Foliage Festival

Episode 50: Say Cheese! Special Guest, Sara Kearney!

Today we chat with Sara Kearney, professional photographer! Sara tells us all about taking quality photos, and her journey in getting her own business going (and she is in HIGH demand these days). Also, Anjee's tips on self reflection=good stuff!

-Sara Kearney Photography

-Sara Kearney Photography Facebook

-Photo Mechanic software

-Adobe Suite LightRoom and Photoshop

-Night to Shine

-Crealde' School of Art

-Graham's U Pick Farms

-Stardust Lounge Orlando-date night idea!

-Wekiva Island Paint Out

-Kitchen Killaz

-Jonsey's Escape by Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Daniel Fox Books

-Apopka Art & Foliage Festival

-Wynn Styles Boutique

Episode 49: Take Care Of The Skin You Are In! Special Guest, Heather Hurley!

This week, we meet with Esthetician, Heather Hurley! Heather tells us all about how to take care of our skin to stay looking young and healthy (and how your kids should be taking care of their skin too!). Also, Sara takes pictures of cats?  

-Skincare by Heather website

-Skincare by Heather Facebook

-Think Dirty app

-Goddess Faces by Mrz. Jaye

-Massage by Tiffany Facebook

-My Salon Suite Apopka

-Atlantic Alibi website

-Wekiva Island Paint Out

-Kitchen Killaz

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Daniel Fox Books

-ZombieLand 2

-Diet and Acne Connection

-Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Episode 48: My Favorite Things! Special Guest, Kim van der Sanden

February is in full swing! This week, we've got an amazing (and local) success story! Kim van der Sanden joins us from the Eustis-based craft business, 'My Favorite Things'! Also, it's almost Valentines Day! 

-My Favorite Things website

-Split Coast Stampers

-The Cat's Pajamas

-Deliver The Difference

-Florida Little Dog Rescue

-Candy's Cats

-Benefits of Crafting

-Call Jennifer Smith (Valentine's Day Flowers)

Episode 47: KitchenKillaz! Special Guest, Billy Floyd!

Happy February! This week, Billy Floyd from the acoustic duo KitchenKillaz, dropped by to chat with us about music, entertainment and food - and how the KitchenKillaz have combined all three into a truly unique experience (and he sings a song, live). Also, is that Ray Romano I hear? You decide! 

-Kitchen Killaz Website

-Kitchen Killaz Facebook

-Billy Floyd performing 'Be My Queen'

-Tornatore's Cafe and Pizzeria

-EMS Mobile Detailing

-Podcast Mafia

-Health Benefits of Gratitude

-Count Blessing vs. Burdens

-Gratitude Influences Sleep

-Valentine's Day Date Night Idea

-Call Jennifer Smith (Valentine's Day Flowers)

Episode 46: Camp Gladiator Apopka! Special Guest, Andrew Reyes!

January is over, but there's still time to set and REACH your goals! Special Guest, Andrew Reyes tells us all about Camp Gladiator, and how he's working every day to help people meet or exceed their goals (all while achieving his own). Also, we REALLY want a dog! (..but not just yet)



Episode 45: Inspiration! Special Guest, Karen Smith

It's still January, and there's still time to start the year off right! Today, we chat with Karen Smith. Her inspirational story outlines how hard work and determination can completely transform your life! Also, Fox Valley is getting an Egg Stand! 

-Why Inspiration Matters  (Harvard Business Review)

-Oola Find Balance book

-M.G. Unger Interview

-Burn Boot Camp Apopka

-Hit Fit Gym - Apopka

-Apple Watch

-Fitbit Versa

-Popeyes "Chicken" lady on Family Feud