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Episode 112: Honeymoon!

Last week, we started our honeymoon! This week, we wrapped it up and came back home! Let's recap, talk about some awesome things to do and small businesses to support in Asheville & Hendersonville NC! Next week, we're back to normal with more amazing local guests! 




Coffee & Hike


Cedar Mountain Cafe


Shoji Spa & Retreat


(Other "must do's" in North Carolina)

Episode 111: The One Where We Get Married.

This (past) week, we got married! We also helped support local businesses on our wedding weekend (in Central Florida) and on our honeymoon (in North Carolina)! Check out all these awesome things to do and places to go, in both locations. Also, we recorded this one from atop the Blue Ridge Mountains. Elevation 3,350 ft. 


The Historic Edgewater Hotel


Crooked Can


The Attic Door


Market to Table


Sara Kearney Photography


Chef’s Table


Copper Crown


In Blue Handmade


Battery Park Book Exchange


Asheville Pinball Museum


Wicked Weed Brewing Pub


Navitat Canopy Adventures


Blue Mountain Pizza


Dry Falls Brewing Company


Blue Ghost Brewing Company


Sideways Farm and Brewery


River Arts District

Episode 110: Bamboo Leaf Tea! Special Guest: Shanti Pierce!

This week, we chat with Shanti Pierce. She's the owner and founder of Bamboo Leaf Tea, here in Orlando! Did you know that bamboo has loads of medicinal benefits? It's good for animals too! Shanti schools us on everything related to bamboo, and tells us all about her bamboo tea business too! Check it out! Also, if you're listening to this on May 24th 2021, we got married yesterday!


Bamboo Leaf Tea - Website


Bamboo Leaf Tea- Facebook


Bamboo Leaf Tea - Instagram


Bamboo Life - Website


American Bamboo Society


King Grove Organic Farm


Rails-To-Trails Interview


Fine and Danjee YouTube Channel

Episode 109: The Chef’s Table! Special Guest: Laurie Tarter!

We've been wanting to do this one for a while! This week, we sit down with the owner of The Chef's Table (as well as The Tasting Room and The Attic Door) in Winter Garden! You've likely heard us going on and on... about just how amazing this restaurant is, and if you've not yet experienced it, you are truly missing out! Laurie tells us all about how this amazing place came to be, while also giving us a "peak behind the curtain", to see how it all comes together! It's no wonder they've won so many awards! 

Links below: 

Chef’s Table - Website


Chef’s Table - Facebook


Chef’s Table - Instagram


The Attic Door - Facebook


The Historic Edgewater Hotel


Garden Theatre


Interview with Edgewater Hotel


Winter Garden - So Much To Do! (video)


Fine and Danjee YouTube Channel

Episode 108: It’s Mother’s Day! How well do you know your mom?

~ We had a last-minute cancellation for our guest this week, so… This morning, we decided to interview our moms instead. What we didn’t expect was how heartfelt these would be ...or that all three would make us teary-eyed. If you ever get the chance to ask your mom questions like this, we highly recommend it. Happy Mother’s Day!

Links below:


The Attic Door - Website


KitchenKillaz - Facebook


Fine and Danjee - YouTube

Episode 107: The Historic Edgewater Hotel! Special Guest: Alicia Wilder!

We've been wanting to do this interview for a while! The Historic Edgewater Hotel is one of our favorite places to stay in Central Florida! This week, we sat down with Alicia Wilder, manger of the hotel. She tells us all about the history of the place (some really cool stuff here), and how they now partner up with other small/local businesses! Also, we sat on Abraham Lincoln's couch! 

Links below: 


The Historic Edgewater Hotel - Website


The Historic Edgewater Hotel - Facebook


The Historic Edgewater Hotel - Instagram


The Chef’s Table


Garden Theatre


Plant Street Market


Winter Garden Farmers Market


Wheel Works - Bike Rentals


Fine and Danjee - YouTube


Episode 106: Old Kinderhook Glass! Special Guests: Ganon Stokes & Brittany Brosnac!

This week, we met with Ganon Stokes and Brittany Brosnac from Old Kinderhook Glass in Apopka! Old Kinderhook Glass is a local glass blowing shop that offers a unique experience in learning how to blow glass. We can't wait to go there and make something cool! 


Old Kinderhook Glass - Website


Old Kinderhook Glass - Facebook


Old Kinderhook Glass - Instagram


Old Kinderhook Firetruck



Light the Night


King Grove Organic Farm


Fine and Danjee YouTube Channel

Episode 105: Our DJ Rocks! Special Guest: Kristin Wilson!

Did you know that we have an amazing all-female DJ company, right here in town? This week, we chat with Kristin Wilson, founder of 'Our DJ Rocks!'. She tells us how her vision for an all-female DJ company became reality. We also chat about their services, and where they are going next! (Oh ...and their online review are through-the-roof!)


-Our DJ Rocks - Website


-Our DJ Rocks - Facebook


-Our DJ Rocks - Instagram




-Swag and Repeat (Podcast)


-Comic Controllers

Episode 104: International Award Winning Author, Marketing Coach and Speaker! Special Guest: Karen Whiting!

This week, we sit down with Karen Whiting! She tells us all about her brand new book 'Growing A Mother's Heart'. Inspirational stories of moms, both past and present! 


Karen Whiting Website


‘Growing A Mother’s Heart’ at Amazon


Family recreates Disney ride at home


Fine and Danjee Youtube


Daniel Fox Books

Episode 103: Aiden’s Army! Special Guest: Erica Schneider!

It's a tough topic, but organizations like this NEED all of us to talk about it, to help raise awareness. Aiden's Army is a non-profit organization, raising money for pediatric cancer research. They also provide care bags for kids battling cancer (or other long term illnesses). Erica Schneider, founder of Aiden's Army, tells us about her personal experience with childhood cancer, and what we can all do to help! 

Aiden’s Army - Website


Aiden’s Army - Facebook


46 Mommas Shave for the Brave


St. Baldrick’s Foundation




Neuroblastoma Facts


Fine & Danjee - YouTube Channel

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