It’s all Fine and Danjee

Episode 48: My Favorite Things! Special Guest, Kim van der Sanden

February is in full swing! This week, we've got an amazing (and local) success story! Kim van der Sanden joins us from the Eustis-based craft business, 'My Favorite Things'! Also, it's almost Valentines Day! 

-My Favorite Things website

-Split Coast Stampers

-The Cat's Pajamas

-Deliver The Difference

-Florida Little Dog Rescue

-Candy's Cats

-Benefits of Crafting

-Call Jennifer Smith (Valentine's Day Flowers)

Episode 47: KitchenKillaz! Special Guest, Billy Floyd!

Happy February! This week, Billy Floyd from the acoustic duo KitchenKillaz, dropped by to chat with us about music, entertainment and food - and how the KitchenKillaz have combined all three into a truly unique experience (and he sings a song, live). Also, is that Ray Romano I hear? You decide! 

-Kitchen Killaz Website

-Kitchen Killaz Facebook

-Billy Floyd performing 'Be My Queen'

-Tornatore's Cafe and Pizzeria

-EMS Mobile Detailing

-Podcast Mafia

-Health Benefits of Gratitude

-Count Blessing vs. Burdens

-Gratitude Influences Sleep

-Valentine's Day Date Night Idea

-Call Jennifer Smith (Valentine's Day Flowers)

Episode 46: Camp Gladiator Apopka! Special Guest, Andrew Reyes!

January is over, but there's still time to set and REACH your goals! Special Guest, Andrew Reyes tells us all about Camp Gladiator, and how he's working every day to help people meet or exceed their goals (all while achieving his own). Also, we REALLY want a dog! (..but not just yet)



Episode 45: Inspiration! Special Guest, Karen Smith

It's still January, and there's still time to start the year off right! Today, we chat with Karen Smith. Her inspirational story outlines how hard work and determination can completely transform your life! Also, Fox Valley is getting an Egg Stand! 

-Why Inspiration Matters  (Harvard Business Review)

-Oola Find Balance book

-M.G. Unger Interview

-Burn Boot Camp Apopka

-Hit Fit Gym - Apopka

-Apple Watch

-Fitbit Versa

-Popeyes "Chicken" lady on Family Feud

Episode 44: HitFit Gym Apopka! Special Guests, Nicole Felton and Nicole Pridgen

We're running full-speed into the new year! Join us, as we chat with Nicole Felton and Nicole Pridgen from HitFit Gym in Apopka! They tell us how to turn those New Year's Resolutions into REAL, attainable goals! Also, we still had our Christmas trees from 2017 and 2018!  

-Hit Fit Gym - Apopka

-HitFit Apopka Facebook

-Nicole Felton Competition Page​

-Effects of Strength Training for Elderly

-Importance of Strength Training for Women

-Second Harvest Food Bank of CFL

-Baby DJ

-Girls On The Run

-Something Fishy Seafood - Apopka

-Hydrate Spark Bluetooth Water Bottle

-Done app for iPhone and Android


Episode 43: Be Inspired! Special Guest, Jennifer Court!

We're rolling full-speed into the new year! Today, we sit with Jennifer Court to get inspired! Jennifer's hard work and determination have rewarded her with real results (and she'd become a source of inspiration for those around her and online with her)! As Jennifer says: "If you're happy on the inside, then you'll be happy on the outside". Also, Dan wheezes.

-Jennifer Court FaceBook

-Jennifer Court Instagram-#flufftofit

-Burn Boot Camp-Apopka

-Stop Starting Over-a must read for 2020

-Isaac Floyd-meal prep chef

-Create better habits and reach your goals

-10 ways to help others

-Taking a break from alcohol-interesting read


Episode 42: Burn Boot Camp! Special Guests, Scott and Lisa Warchol!

Happy New Year! To kick things off for 2020, we met with Scott and Lisa Warchol of Burn Boot Camp in Apopka! Listen in as they tell us all about their gym, and how they are standing out, making a difference  - and helping our local community! Also, our new studio is done! 

-Burn Boot Camp, Apopka

-Burn Boot Camp Apopka - Facebook

-Thrive App

-That Sugar Film


-Apopka Homeless Help, Renewal Church

Episode 41: Silly Yaya! Special Guest, Violet Favero!

We sat down with Violet Favero (aka "Silly Yaya"). Violet is a local author, with a line of successful and amazing children's books. Also, It's A Girl! 

-Silly Yaya Website

-SillyYaya Facebook

-Silly Yaya Instagram

-Pete Comes to America

-National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

-Importance of eating dinner together

-The Art Of Racing In The Rain

-Ken Hollet Historical Fiction

Episode 40: The Write Engle! Special Guest: Jaimie Engle!

It's our Christmas Special! We had the chance to meet with Jaimie Engle from The Write Engle. Jaimie is a novelist, screenwriter, and cosplayer! Also, Merry Christmas!

-The Write Engle Website

-The Write Engle Facebook

-The Write Engle Twitter

-The Write Engle Instagram

-Jaimie Engle YouTube

-Intense Publications

-Keith Rommel: Screenwriter


Episode 39: Project Linus! Special Guest, Barbara Trozzi!

This week's episode is all about giving, as we have a nice chat with Barbara Trozzi! She tells us all about Project Linus, an organization that helps so many children, when they need it the most. Also, jigsaw puzzle time? 

-Project Linus Volusia County

-Project Linus Main Site

-Gary Sinise Snowball Express


-The House Next Door

-Jeep Beach

-Healthy Start Coalition of Flager & Volusia Co.

-Man Sewing

-Quilting Benefits Your Brain

-The Many Amazing Benefits of Quilting

-St. John's Rivership

-Mimi's Community Theater: Christmas Belles!