It’s all Fine and Danjee

Episode 12: Divided and Enhanced! Special Guest: M.G. Unger!

Literacy & Reading Month continues as we chat a while with up-and-coming author, M.G. Unger! M.G.'s new series is going to be a great one, and you heard all about it here first! Also, Summer Reading Programs are here! 

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Free Summer Reading Programs!

History of Reading

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Cover Artist: Taregh Debash Saber

Autism Speaks

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS)

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LGS Foundation

Corpus Colostomy Facebook Families


Episode 11: Lizardville is real! Special Guest, author Steve Altier!

This month's theme: Literacy & Reading! Renowned author, Steve Altier tells us all about Lizardville, and his brand new novel - Lizardville: Jimmy's Curse! Also, Anjee talks like Mary Poppins, y'all. 

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Dan's Kindle Review from Smart Fox

In The Dark audiobook (Dan's first novel)

United Way Reading Pals

Florida Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

10 Things That Happen To Our Minds When We Read



Episode 10: Winter Garden Special!

This week's episode is another Special! We spent three days in one of our favorite Florida cities, Winter Garden! So must history here, and so much to do / enjoy. Whatever you do, you MUST make it to the Chef's Table restaurant! Also, Foie Gras is amazing (and not a vegetable). 

Historic Edgewater Hotel:

Chef's Tabel At Edgewater:

Garden Theatre:

West Orange Bike Trail:

Winter Garden Farmer's Market:

Crooked Can Brewery:


Episode 9: Fix Health Issues, Don’t Just Treat The Symptoms! Also, We Get Really Chatty on FB Live! Special Guest, Dr. Linda Matteoli.

This wraps-up Alternative Medicine Month! Join us as we talk to Dr. Linda Matteloi about Functional Medicine and how to treat the issue, not just the symptoms! Also, we run really long on FB Live... and Game of Thrones was more like Game of Groans! 

Origins Functional Medicine:

Origins Instagram:

The Institute For Functional Medicine:

International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness:

The Wild Hare:

Mockingbird Apothacary:

Episode 8: Apopka High School Alumni Association! Special Guests: Holly Condrey and Heidi Reynolds.

Holly and Heidi tell us all about the new Apopka High School Alumni Association! Also, party at Pete's Hill!! (ok, not really)


Apopka High School Alumni Association (join here!):

Apopka Alumni on Instagram:

SunBelt Metals:


Episode 7: The Amazing Effects of Acupuncture! Special Guest, Dr. Omar Haye.

Alternative Medicine month continues! Dr. Omar Haye tells us about how he went from a regular MD to an acupuncturist! Also, Anjee broke a water pipe! 

Meraki Wellness and Med Spa - Altamonte:

Healthy Leopard on Instagram:

Yin vs. Yang, Chinese Medicine:

Traditional Chinese Organ Body Clock:

Scott Forestall/Steve Jobs Acupuncture Store:

Anjee vs water pipe!:




Episode 6: A Healthy Spine Equals A Healthy Body. Special Guest, Dr. Christina Cuellar

It's all about Alternative Medicine this month! Dr. "C" from Revival Chiropractic, tells us all about how a healthy spine can change your life! Also, Speed Round of "This or That". We'll do it live! 

Revival Chiropractic:

History of Chiropractic Care:

Torque Release Technique:

Coffee Shop of Horrors:

The Salt Room Longwood:

Episode 5: The Salt Room. Special Guest, Melanie Confusione

It's a new month, which means a new theme! This month’s theme is all about Alternative Medicine. Melanie, from the Cannizzaro Integrative Pediatric Center, tells us all about Salt Room Therapy! Also, Dan actually joined a gym (true story).

Episode 4: What we do for others is immortal.

Charity/Philanthropy month is wrapping up, but we're not stopping our efforts to donate, spread the word and get involved! This was our first Facebook Live broadcast! Also, for the first time ever, we actually forgot it was Easter! Doh!!

Volunteer Match:


Episode 3: Bags of Hope. Special Guest, Rhonda Santolin.

Charity/Philanthropy Month continues! Rhonda tells us about Bags of Hope and the continuing efforts to help impoverished children in our community. Also, Game of Thrones is back!

Bags of Hope Central Florida:

Charity Watch:

Charity Navigator:

FDC Charity Info:

MiMi's Community Theater:

Apopka Rants, Raves, Reviews and News:

 King Grove Organic Farm: