It’s all Fine and Danjee

Episode 63: Our Anniversary Special!

This week, we would have been getting married! Because of Anjee's surgery, we postponed the wedding one year (to keep the same date). Thank goodness! Coronavirus would have caused us to cancel everything! So, we made the best of being home during our 6th anniversary! Also, Anjee sings again!! 

-Couples Ideas In Quarantine

-Weezy Water (where Dan got the questions)

-Edgewater Hotel

-Chef's Table Restaurant

-Garden Theatre

-Done App - Habit Tracker

-Tower Garden

-Daniel Fox Books

-Our ScareCams 1

-Our ScareCams 2


Episode 62: Local Author, Poet and Music Composer - Sophie Jupillat Posey!

This week, we had a nice long chat with Sophie Jupillat Posey! She tells us all about her brand new novella, "The Sea", as well as other writings, music and how she manages to create so much content! Also, Dan thinks this is Episode 27. 

-Sophie J Posey - Website

-Sophie J Posey - Facebook

-Sophie J Posey - Instagram

-Sophie J Posey - Twitter

-Sophie J Posey - YouTube

-Indie Desigz / Dafeenah Jameel

-Niche Editing / Danita Mayer

-My Sheet Music Transcriptions

-Band Camp

-SGM: Some Good News

-Apopka Graduation Parade

-Tower Garden

Episode 61: Local Author, Kerry Evelyn!

Writing! Writing! Writing! With all this time at home, what better time to talk to a local author? Join us, as we learn all about Kerry Evelyn! She's written a stack of successful romance novels, with more on the way! Plus, Anjee sings! (again) 

-Kerry Evelyn Facebook

-Kerry Evelyn Instagram

-Kerry Evelyn Goodreads

-Crane's Cove Crew (Kerry's Group)

-Purchase Kerry Evelyn's Books Here!

-Sportsmen for Warriors/Non-Profit

-Straight St/Non-Profit

-The Russell Home/Non-Profit

-Jodi Picoult-Author

-MovieFlame (YouTube)

-Super Carlin Bros (YouTube)

-Scare Cam Strikes Again!

Episode 60: Beyond The Decor Events by Krista Scott!

Join us, as we talk with local Officiant and Event/Party Planner, Krista Scott! She tells us all about her growing business! Also, what's an "unplugged ceremony"?  

-Beyond The Decor (Krista Scott) Facebook

-Email Krista Here

-Call Krista Here (386) 624-2908


-Ann Axon Photography

-Sara Kearny Photography

-How To Announce Unplugged Ceremony

-Taylor Rodriguez - Taz Fitness

-Bags of Hope Central Florida

-Some Good News - John Krasinski

-Tornatore's Cafe and Pizzeria

-Wekiva Island

Episode 59: Quarantine Hijinks -and- Helping Your Community!

This week, let's kick back for a minute and talk about what we've been doing during the quarantine! Also, Pajama Pants! 

-Daniel Fox Books

-Jaimie Engle-The Write Engle

-Silly Yaya

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Pasture Brothers

-FoxValley Farm & Hopyard

-Atlantic Alibi


-Dad-o-saur YouTube

-Easy to grow garden!

Episode 58: Local Author! Special Guest, Greg Prado!

This week, we met up with local Science Fiction Author, Greg Prado! In a relatively short time, Greg has put out multiple novels, and he's got more on the way! Find out how he did it, what inspires him to write, and what to expect from him in the future! Also, there's a video of this full episode coming later this week! 

-Greg Prado-Website

-Greg Prado-Facebook

-Greg Prado-GoodReads

-Greg Prado-BookBub

-Greg Prado-Amazon

-Book Funnel

-Prowriting Aid

-Winter Park Public Library

-Daniel Fox Books

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria


Episode 57: Local Artist! Special Guest, Josh Bauer!

Local artist Josh Bauer joined us via video call, to tell us all about his art, his new show and what drives his creativity! Check it out - and head over to his page to see some of his live streamed painting! Also, CyberCon 2020 is this weekend!!!! Don't miss it! Check the link below for how you can tune in!

-JBauer Art

-Josh Bauer-Back Talk with Bauer

-Join CyberCon 2020: April 17th-19th

-Donate to the CDP Covid-19 Response Fund

-Hangin' with Web Show

-Kitchen Killaz

-Lights, Thunder, Action Podcast

-MegaCon Orlando

-Tampa Bay Comic Con

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-The Back Porch Longwood

-Juniper Springs Kayaking Video

-Serenity Spa & Salon Apopka

-TriPT Therapy/Maitland

Episode 56: Coffee Shop of Horrors! Special Guest, Nick Sindicich!

We've got something special again this week! We "virtually" hung out with Nick Sindicich from Coffee Shop of Horrors! Learn all about his truly unique set of coffee shops, and why the coffee is so "terrifyingly good". Also, our entire Facebook live broadcast from this week!!

-Coffee Shop of Horrors: Best Local Coffee

-Jonesy's Escape by Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Crave Bakehouse (the best Keto donuts ever!)

-The Main Street Mouse

-Morgan Wilson / Lux Nova Studios

-Mark Hadley / Studio Hadley

-KitchenKillaz: Local Band & Entertainment!

-Josh Bauer: Local Artist & Graphic Designer

-Atlantic Alibi: Acoustic Duo

-Hangin with Web Show: CyberCon 2020

-Jaimie Engle (local author): The Toliet Papers

-Violet Favero (local children's book author)

-The Mindful Mama (blogger) Facebook Page

-Love Your Melon (face masks)

Episode 55: Stay-Home-Special on Facebook Live!

Another week of staying home to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We chat with friends and listeners on Facebook Live, and learn what YOU are doing to keep busy and sane during these strange times. Also, Dan versus a bear. 

-KitchenKillaz: Local Band & Entertainment!

-Josh Bauer: Local Artist & Graphic Designer

-Sara Kearney Photography

-Revival Chiropractic

-King Grove Organic Farm: Fresh Blueberries!

-FoxValley Farm & Hopyard: Organic Eggs

-Pasture Brothers: Pastured Chicken

-Coffee Shop of Horrors: Best Local Coffee

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Hangin with Web Show: CyberCon 2020

-Bags of Hope Central Florida: Local Non-Profit

-The Picnic Project: Local Non-Profit

-Second Harvest Food Bank: Non-Profit

-Can you donate your stimulus check? 

-Super Pink Moon: April 7th-Don't Miss It!

Episode 54: Dorksville Farms! Special Guest, Vanessa Smith!

It's time to talk about mushrooms! We took a road trip out to Dorksville Farm to meet with Vanessa Smith, and learn all about the amazing process of farming mushrooms! We brought some home too! Also, This-n-That was live on Facebook! 

-Dorksville Farm Facebook

-Dorksville Farm Etsy

-What The Fungus

-Annual Mushroom Festival (Palatka, FL)

-Benefits of Hugelkultur

-Joe Rogan Experience w/Paul Stamets

-Health Benefits of Mushrooms

-Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Tornatore's Cafe & Pizzeria

-Fitlife Foods

-Wild Hare Kitchen and Garden Emporium

-Hangin with Web Show

-Fungi Perfecti