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Episode 146: Hayden’s Detailing Service. Special Guest: Hayden DeMoss

This week, we sit down with local young entrepreneur, Hayden DeMoss. Hayden's auto detailing service was born from is attention to detail (get it?). He's also aspiring to be a pilot, among other things. Great guest! Great interview. Great small business! 




Hayden’s Detailing Service


Magnolia Grace Beauty Co.


DeMoss House of Cuts Barber Studio


Dan's new drone business: Flying Fox Shots


Dan's novels


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Episode 145: Creative Hub of Apopka! Special Guests: Melanie and Matt Jankun!

Join us this week as we sit down with owners of the coolest place to get creative. Melanie and Matt Jankun opened The Creative Hub of Apopka to encourage people to express their individual creativity, all while making real connections with others in the community. They have created the perfect space for artists, makers, crafters, and creators alike to share their skills with the community. 



Creative Hub of Apopka-Website


Canon Coffee


Fine and Danjee-Website


Fine and Danjee-YouTube


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Episode 144: Puzzle Ranch! Special Guest: Cameron Munoz!

Ever heard of Puzzle Ranch? It's pretty awesome. We hope you enjoy this interview with Cameron Munoz. Cameron and her husband, Abner, own and operate a small non-profit in Sorrento, FL called Puzzle Ranch. This Wild West themed ranch is providing a safe place for families affected by Autism and other disabilities to relax and have fun for FREE! Everyone is welcome to enjoy the ranch and all it has to offer including hay rides, a petting farm, and even gem stone mining. This small non-profit has big plans for their future and needs the support of the community to continue to grow and make a positive impact on families in need.


Puzzle Ranch-Website


Puzzle Ranch-Facebook


Puzzle Ranch-Instagram


UCF-CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities)


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Episode 143: Bailey Nicole Beauty! Special Guest: Bailey Hernandez!

Cosmetologist, Bailey Hernandez joins us this week to discuss her hair-and-lashes business: Bailey Nicole Beauty! Located at Magnolia Grace Beauty Company in Leesburg, FL.  Bailey's business is taking off, so make sure to book your appointment soon! 



Bailey Nicole Beauty Website


Bailey Nicole Beauty Facebook


Magnolia Grace Beauty Company


Joe Grows


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Episode 142: Skintentional Beauty Spa! Special Guests: Daisy and Craig Sanders!

This week, we sit down with Daisy and Craig Sanders at Skintentional Beauty Spa! Daisy is a Beauty Connoisseur, focusing on issues and concerns of the skin, with the 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 of creating change. She is also a Makeup Artist with 20+ years of experience and training in workshops such as Makeup for Photography, Makeup for High Intensity, and Red-Carpet Beauty & Beyond! 


Video version of this interview:


Skintentional Beauty Spa


Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosthetics


VAMP interview with Fine and Danjee


Embellish FX


Embellish FX with Fine and Danjee

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Episode 141: Hot Wing Challenge! Special Guests: Jeremy and Mindy Fox

A bonus episode this week, to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day! (Yep, that's a thing). Jeremy and Mindy Fox (from Vixen Soap) join us, as we take on the hottest wings in Orlando! Special thanks to all of the local hot sauce companies. See links below to order some yourself, and support local small businesses! Warning: Things get REALLY hot... and this one is not for the kiddies! 


Video version of this Episode:


Vixen Soaps, by Fox Labs


Wekiva Island


The Rescue Company One


As The Rotor Turns Podcast


Tijuana Flats
(Sauces: Don't Be A Chicken Shit  / Smack My Ass And Call Me Sally)


Spur Hot Sauce


The Sauce Man
(Sauces: Ghost Tonic / Aromophobia)


Mad Hombre's 'The Variant' Hot Sauce


Hot Ones Show on YouTube


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Episode 140: Crafted Scent Bar. Special Guests: Mellisa and Madison McHaffie!

We went to the Crafted Scent Bar to meet with Owner, Mellisa McHaffie and her daughter Madison McHaffie!

The Crafted Scent Bar is a unique, creative experience where guests sit at the bar, have a drink, and create their very own candle scent (and then make the candle).

This is the perfect night out for girl’s night, a date, group events and more. They also partner up with other local vendors to enhance the experience!


Video version of this interview


Crafted Scent Bar Website


Florida Grazing (charcuterie)


CoCo's Sweet Treats

Meem's Fudge Shoppe

Creative Hub of Apopka


Joe Grows  - Bear Oil

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Episode 139: Tribal Acres. Special Guest: Brandon Bailey!

This week, we sit down with Brandon Bailey from Tribal Acres! Tribal Acres is a first-generation family farm, with a focus on providing high-quality products, while maintaining regenerative farming and animal-friendly practices. This small business is booming, with (much) more to come! 



Tribal Acres Website:


Tribal Acres YouTube channel:


Video version of this episode:


Whimsy Market:


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Episode 138: Local comedian, Jason Montilla!

This week, Jason Montilla returns! We last met Jason almost exactly 100 episodes ago, when he was starring in a local theatre production! Since then, he's also directed - and now, he's doing improv and stand-up comedy all over town. Several towns, actually.


SAK Comedy Lab


Jason Montilla Facebook


Jason Montilla Instagram


A Better Life Pet Rescue


Terribly Odd


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Episode 137: Local Actor and Teacher, Chris Siciliano!

Chris Siciliano is a local actor and school teacher! He's currently acting at the Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando, and soon to be in School of Rock, at Theatre South Playhouse! Make sure you get to one (or both) of these shows!


Pirates Dinner Adventure - Orlando


School of Rock show at Theatre South PlayHouse


Video version of the interview:

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