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Episode 106: Old Kinderhook Glass! Special Guests: Ganon Stokes & Brittany Brosnac!

This week, we met with Ganon Stokes and Brittany Brosnac from Old Kinderhook Glass in Apopka! Old Kinderhook Glass is a local glass blowing shop that offers a unique experience in learning how to blow glass. We can't wait to go there and make something cool! 


Old Kinderhook Glass - Website


Old Kinderhook Glass - Facebook


Old Kinderhook Glass - Instagram


Old Kinderhook Firetruck



Light the Night


King Grove Organic Farm


Fine and Danjee YouTube Channel

Episode 105: Our DJ Rocks! Special Guest: Kristin Wilson!

Did you know that we have an amazing all-female DJ company, right here in town? This week, we chat with Kristin Wilson, founder of 'Our DJ Rocks!'. She tells us how her vision for an all-female DJ company became reality. We also chat about their services, and where they are going next! (Oh ...and their online review are through-the-roof!)


-Our DJ Rocks - Website


-Our DJ Rocks - Facebook


-Our DJ Rocks - Instagram




-Swag and Repeat (Podcast)


-Comic Controllers

Episode 104: International Award Winning Author, Marketing Coach and Speaker! Special Guest: Karen Whiting!

This week, we sit down with Karen Whiting! She tells us all about her brand new book 'Growing A Mother's Heart'. Inspirational stories of moms, both past and present! 


Karen Whiting Website


‘Growing A Mother’s Heart’ at Amazon


Family recreates Disney ride at home


Fine and Danjee Youtube


Daniel Fox Books

Episode 103: Aiden’s Army! Special Guest: Erica Schneider!

It's a tough topic, but organizations like this NEED all of us to talk about it, to help raise awareness. Aiden's Army is a non-profit organization, raising money for pediatric cancer research. They also provide care bags for kids battling cancer (or other long term illnesses). Erica Schneider, founder of Aiden's Army, tells us about her personal experience with childhood cancer, and what we can all do to help! 

Aiden’s Army - Website


Aiden’s Army - Facebook


46 Mommas Shave for the Brave


St. Baldrick’s Foundation




Neuroblastoma Facts


Fine & Danjee - YouTube Channel

Episode 102: The Artisan Loft! Special Guest, Betsy Owens!

Did you know that Apopka has a place specifically made for unwinding and letting your creativity flow? Neither did we!! Betsy Owens tells us all about 'The Artisan Loft'! It's located right in downtown Apopka! Whether you're looking to paint something yourself or take a date and have some wine, this is the place!! Grand Opening is on April 10th and 11th! 

-The Artisan Loft - Website

-The Artisan Loft - Facebook

-Dave's House/non-profit

-New Hope for Kids/non-profit

-Apopka Art & Foliage Festival

Episode 101: Elemental Form. Special Guests: Rob Gore and Patch Paff

Elemental Form is a local small business, creating high-end art pieces out of various materials. Some of their recent work includes custom made wooden signs with a twist! Tune in to find out more about this unique company, and how they are just getting started! 

-Elemental Form - Facebook

-Elemental Form - Instagram

-Contact Elemental Form at


-Trader Mae's- A Unique Place to Shop

Episode 100: Let’s Celebrate 100 Episodes!

Today, we celebrate 100 Episodes! Listen in, as previous guests call in to say hi and congrats on the 100 shows! We've met so many amazing people over the past 100 shows, and we simply cannot thank our listeners and guests enough for continuing to support us! We love you guys!! Also, we finally cracked open that bottle of wine! 

Episode 99: Pivot! BIG plans kicking off after the 100th Episode!

This week, we've had to "pivot" a bit due to a covid-related guest scheduling issue (everyone is fine, just following protocols). In the meantime, we get a chance to tell you all about our BIG show plans kicking off after 100th episode! 

-Our YouTube Channel

-Wekiva Island - Local Hot Spot!

-Tornatore's Italian Market

-Coffee Shop of Horrors

-Jeff Whitfield-Local Musician

-Kitchen Killaz-Touring Acoustic Duo

-Daniel Fox Books-Thrillers with a Twist

Episode 98: Ghostwriter, Author and Mentor ! Special Guest: Dean Rinaldi!

This week, we speak with our second ever international guest, Dean Rinaldi! Dean is a ghostwriter, author, and mentor... and he joins us all the way from Turkey! Listen in as he tells us all about his journey to become a writer, his passion for writing, and how he's created a successful business from all of this!  

-Dean Rinaldi - Website

-Dean Rinaldi - Facebook

-Dean Rinaldi - YouTube

-S. Clark Kray Episode #64

-Lil' Bit of Life Urban Farm

-Tornatore's Italian Market

-Wekiva Paint Out

Episode 97: Best Selling Author! Special Guest: Jayne Gooding!

Our first international guest!! Best selling author, Jayne Gooding joins us this week from Turkey! Jayne is the author of the series 'The Thick Blue Line' and her latest novel, 'The Climb' releases this week! Listen in as she tells us about her 30 years in the police force, being one of the first women to join when equal pay act came into play. The British police force now encourages new recruits, as part of their training program, to read her books. She is an inspiration and a true Super Woman! 

-Jayne Gooding - Facebook

-Jayne Gooding - Good Reads

-Jayne Gooding - Lulu

-The Climb by Jayne Gooding

-Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center

-Turkish Gulet Cruises

-The Wekiva Paint Out


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