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Episode 141: Hot Wing Challenge! Special Guests: Jeremy and Mindy Fox

July 29, 2022

A bonus episode this week, to celebrate National Chicken Wing Day! (Yep, that's a thing). Jeremy and Mindy Fox (from Vixen Soap) join us, as we take on the hottest wings in Orlando! Special thanks to all of the local hot sauce companies. See links below to order some yourself, and support local small businesses! Warning: Things get REALLY hot... and this one is not for the kiddies! 


Video version of this Episode:


Vixen Soaps, by Fox Labs


Wekiva Island


The Rescue Company One


As The Rotor Turns Podcast


Tijuana Flats
(Sauces: Don't Be A Chicken Shit  / Smack My Ass And Call Me Sally)


Spur Hot Sauce


The Sauce Man
(Sauces: Ghost Tonic / Aromophobia)


Mad Hombre's 'The Variant' Hot Sauce


Hot Ones Show on YouTube


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